Your Car's Gas Mileage Calculator

Your Car's Gas Mileage Calculator

Popular digital fuel economy or gas mileage calculators such as the ScanGauge II range from a little over fifty bucks to three hundred dollars or more, but they return value quickly if you drive by the data they provide. Early versions used an in-line fuel flow meter to compare fuel flow from the tank to vehicle speed and distance traveled. Some monitor engine load via a vacuum connection to provide additional data, but the basic calculation is fuel flow versus distance. Many new cars come equipped with gas mileage calculators as standard or optional equipment and more advanced digital fuel economy meters interface with your vehicle’s on-board electronics to provide diagnostic features.

How a Gas Mileage Calculator Helps You Save

Because they constantly recalculate and display your instant fuel mileage, you can alter your driving style and throttle position to prevent the indicated instant fuel economy reading from falling. Gas mileage calculators They typically read in tenths of a mile per gallon and most users find it particularly enjoyable and even compelling to achieve the highest possible reading. Gas mileage calculators offer many ways to test and evaluate your fuel economy strategies. Some digital MPG meters use advanced technology to sense your vehicle’s momentum in terms of acceleration and braking to provide an indication of the effect of driving style on fuel consumption. They have a certain cool factor, but are no substitute for a basic system that measures fuel flow versus distance traveled. When shopping for a digital fuel economy meter (gas mileage calculator) make certain you check the manufacturer’s specs to ensure that it will work properly with your particular vehicle. Some meters for late model cars are compatible with all OBD II controlled vehicles, but others only function with vehicles equipped with a Controlled Area Network or CAN electrical system. Since 2003 the CAN system has been applied to most new cars and you must have the correct unit to work with it. It’s no big deal; just be sure you get one that is compatible with your car.

Gas mileage calculators for older cars are also available over the internet and they can be just as effective by providing you with an instant indication of your gas mileage. Take note that even the most basic system that only reads fuel flow and distance traveled and makes on the fly comparisons to give you your instant miles per gallon and your average miles per gallon will get the job done. You simply drive to achieve the highest possible instant reading and over time your average  miles per gallon reading will rise accordingly. A cars gas mileage calculator is a must have instrument for any driver who is serious about increasing his car’s gas mileage.

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